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Taberna el Antojo

About Taberna el Antojo

We are a small Mexican tavern where you’ll find all the cravings from food and drink, and where you can enjoy a variety of delicious goods.

We specialize in Mexican food, starting with some delicious tacos al pastor which we prepare every Thursday, to a delicious cake called „torta de pierna“, huaraches, enchiladas and a delicious variety of tacos. Furthermore we present you the “mezcal” a spirit drink produced from agave.

2forU Card Offer

2x1: Caña (glass of beer) // Tequila shot // Mojito // Nachos
Caña 2,00€
Tequila shot 2,00€
Mojito 5,00 €
Nachos with melted cheese, black beans, tomatoes, onions, guacamole and jalapenos 7,50 € 

Offer valid: Drinks 17:00-22:00 // Food 20:00-22:00

Opening hours:

Monday 13:00-16:00 // Tuesday-Thursday 13:00-1:00 // Friday 13:00-3:00 // Saturday 17:00-3:00 // Sunday closed (opens only during a Barça match)

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