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2forU Card Barcelona


The 2forU Card

The 2forU Card is a special discount card which offers the card owner and its companion special offers created for 2 persons.


How to use the 2forU Card?

The use of the card is very simple. Have a look at our special deals in the guide or on the website, look up the address and go, together with a person of your choice – friend, family member or colleague – and enjoy the great deal of 2for1 or get special discounts for 2 persons; so save money every time you visit a provider´s location!

The 2forU Card is a non-transferable card. The card owner has to fill out all fields on the back of the card. The 2forU Card is only valid with your ID card, passport or any other document which can prove your identity (with photo).

Please note that the discounts are not applicable to all services offered by the partner – check our guide or website for their current offers. Don´t forget to show your card in the provider´s location before buying or ordering.


How long is the 2forU Card valid for?

You can choose from 3 different cards. Depending on the length of your stay, you can purchase a 3-day, 5-day or 7-day card. All cards include the same discounts.


How much does the 2forU Card cost?

You can choose between 3 different cards: 3-day 2forU Card for 10 EUR, 5-day 2forU Card for 12 EUR or 7-day 2forU Card for 15 EUR.


What does the 2forU Card include?

Once you get the card from one of our sales points, you will receive a printed guide with all current offers.